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SunYield® is a Stoddart Group product where customers will have electricity accounts with renewable energy company, Powershop. The SunYield® technology and app is powered by Reposit Power.

SunYield® by Stoddart Group


SunYield® is proudly brought to you by Stoddart Group.

Stoddart Group is Australia’s leading supplier and installer of products to the residential building industry. For more than 55 years Stoddart Group has pushed the industry’s boundaries working with our customers to provide an innovative, smarter and more integrated solution to creating a beautiful home.

Today this includes the supply and installation of steel roofing, fascia, gutter, downpipes, garage doors, energy solutions, lightweight claddingand steel house frames.

We’ve searched the world and partnered with only the best suppliers and manufacturers meaning our quality and consistency are second to none.

SunYield® is the perfect addition to our builder offering, allowing us to extend solar to  investment builders. 



Our Partners

SunYield® Energy Retailer Powershop


SunYield® customers will have accounts with leading online energy retailer, Powershop.  With Powershop, you know exactly how much electricity you are using and what it costs, as you go. Powershop wants to give you control, help you save, and they care about the environment. In short, Powershop’s a better power company.

Powershop is backed by Australasia’s largest 100% renewable energy generator, Meridian Energy and Greenpeace have ranked them Australia’s Greenest Power Company for two years running.


SunYield® Technology by Reposit


SunYield®'s technology and app is powered by Reposit Power.

Reposit Power is an Australian company founded in 2012. Reposit helps Australians lower their power bills while letting them use energy the way they want to. They believe that renewables are a technology of abundance and that smart electricity storage is essential to create a clean, reliable and low-cost electricity system.