For Tenants

SunYield® can help tenants save on their electricity bills.  

Decreased Electricity Costs

Decreased Electricity Costs

You could save approximately $275/ year on your electricity.

SunYield® Integrated Solar Power Billing

Simple and easy billing

You'll get one bill for all grid and solar power.

SunYield® Solar Power Mobile App

Transparancy on your usage

You'll be able to track your power usage from your phone or tablet.

SunYield® Renewable Energy

Environmentally Friendly 

You'll be doing your part for the environment by using renewable energy.

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No longer missing out on the benefits of solar

“Renters have long missed out on the benefits of solar power simply because it was too hard or complicated for landlords to justify the cost.

SunYield® changes this by ensuring that solar on a new rental property is a good deal for the landlord, as well as the tenant."

— Adam Taylor, General Manager - Stoddart Energy