For Builders 

Stoddart Group is taking expressions of interest for SunYield® from investment property builders looking to offer customers the best in renewable energy management systems.

Higher Asset for Builders

Higher Yield = Higher value

At 5% gross yield, $25/ week adds $20,800 to the value of the house.

Renewable Energy Solution for Builders

Green credentials

At a corporate level you can promote your commitment to the environment and sustainability.

Innovative Product for Builders

Innovation leader

Be one of the first builders in the country to offer homes equipped with this solution.

SunYield® Solar Power Energy Rating

Energy Rating

A large solar system on every home you build will mean you could more easily achieve your energy ratings. 

Smart Home Solutions

Smart home

By installing SunYield® as standard, all meter boards will be replaced with smart boards supplied by Stoddarts. 



Become a SunYield® Builder

Are you an investment builder looking to offer your customers the best in energy management? We're taking expressions of interested from builders looking to include SunYield® in their offering.

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