for rentals

SunYield® allows both the landlord and the tenant to benefit from solar on new build and existing rental properties.

Solar Panels

About SunYield®

Bringing together a large solar system, smart board and an integrated billing system, SunYield® allows tenants to access cheaper electricity and landlords to earn passive income on their new and existing rental property.



/week more income for landlords 

A typical roof could produce an extra $25 per week of income with SunYield®.



discounted rates for tenants  

Tenants get a 30% discount on power used that is generated by the panels.  



of solar panels working for you

The 6.5kW system included with SunYield® can produce up to 10,000kWh per year.

April 2017

“With this technology, the landlord owns the solar system and can either sell the power to their tenant at a discount to the market rate or sell it to the grid if the tenant chooses not to buy it.”

Adam Taylor - Stoddart Energy

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Want to be one of the first in Australia to have SunYield®? We're currently only installing the solution in South-East Queensland but taking registrations of interest for other areas. 


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Want SunYield® on your new or existing investment property? Connect with one of our SunYield® builders today. 


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We're currently taking expressions of interest from investment builders to include SunYield®.